Introduction and Activities of each Committee

General Affairs Head Office

20141117 総務本部 !cid_AF9B134F7F08479685A2787604E88587@EggPC.pngThis office consists of executive office,
Public Information, Financial and Library committees. It sets up annual general assembly, committee meeting, board meeting in order to make members enjoy club life.

Safe Mountaineering Head Office

IMGP0707.jpgThis office’s aim is to make members improve technique of mountaineering & climbing and decrease mountain accident.
(1) Advise, guide and support members for safe activities.
(2) Propose to set up rescue party and take the injured to hospital

Junior-Youth Head Office

IMGP2168.jpg[Junior] Support school children to
experience out-door life.
[Youth] Promote more capable members
through higher mountaineering & climbing
under age of 39 years old.
[College] Support initiative activities of college club members and invite to our club

Executive Office Committee

Public Information Committee

04.jpgJournal (JAC Hiroshima) is published every 3 months since 1997 and it has been distributed to all members, JAC head office, all JAC sections, several mountain clubs in Hiroshima and college clubs.
Its contents are club activities, future schedule and topics of members.
Main purpose is to promote communication among members.

Financial Committee

20141117 財務委員会 !cid_E67B98D307F6449BA5715A0D4CE33E2F@EggPC.jpgThis committee manages financial and accounting issues and also budget and accounts.
They handle connected accounts with head quarters in Tokyo and independent accounts of Hiroshima section.

Library Committee

20141117 図書委員会 !cid_97A0BAF641794F58861E72AFB6F21C07@EggPC.pngThere are bookshelves in the room and about 1,000 books and many maps are kept which were donated and bought.
All members can enjoy there and also allowed to borrow them.

First Mountaineering Committee

1_11.jpgThey set up basic mountaineering events. Main mountaineering is a day’s trip or one day camping mainly for Hiroshima area or near Hiroshima.

Second Mountaineering Committee

第二山行委員会.jpgThey set up higher level mountaineering outside Hiroshima such as Japanese Alps based on camping.

Third Mountaineering Committee

第3委員会写真1.jpgThey set up much higher level
mountaineering and rock-climbing with limited members.
We call them as Alpine Club Team.

Skiing Committee

JACスキー部.JPGThey set up several plans to enjoy skiing in the winter and also set up the events to instruct skiing to members.
One of members keeps mountain hut, so some members can be accommodated in the season.

Sub-Section Committee

2013_06_08.jpgThis is substructure of formal members.
They have plans of 4 trekking and ancient road walking every year.
After certain training and experience, they can become formal JAC member.

Overseas Committee

無題.jpgThey set up overseas mountaineering and trekking occasionally.
In the past they had experiences in Himalayas and Karakoram.
They distribute information participants had experiences in overseas mountaineering and trekking.

Mountaineering Lesson Committee

IMGP0890.jpgThis committee is entrusted by third party to give mountaineering lessons and 40
members operate 10 lessons a year.
This remuneration is one of financial
foundation in the section.

Nature Conservation Committee

20141117 自然環境委員会!cid_AB8C21831CC94032822ACC0B0A94221C@EggPC.jpgThey have activities to enlighten nature conservation.
They set up several events of nature maintenance such as mountain route, swamp, plains, etc.

Medical Committee

医科学委員会.jpgThey try to enlighten members to protect any incident and sickness in the mountain and also operate first-aid rescue.
There are 8 doctors such as orthopedics, surgery, physician, etc. in the section.

Exchange Program Committee

交流委員会.JPGThis committee’s aim is to enlighten communication with other local JAC sections including headquarters in Tokyo.
They set up regular yearly events with 4 or 5 local sections.

20th Anniversary Committee